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Paintings of Terry Standefer

Terry Standefer, Self Portrait

Terry Standefer, Self Portrait

Since time immemorial the wise men and women of the world have been mystified by the wonders of the human eye and the miracle of sight.  The Bible contains dozens of verses about eyes (and sight).  Opening the eyes of the blind (both physically and spiritually) were major parts of Jesus’ ministry.  Shakespeare famously said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, while Aristotle believed that the eyes would actually reach out and encompass of object in its sight.

However it has been one of the most sublime talents bestowed by the Lord upon man to be able to use these eyes to reproduce God’s universe in a way that enhances creation itself.

It is our challenge and passion to bring a bit of God’s universe to you in a way that allows you to see it in hitherto unimagined ways.

– Terry Standefer

terry and diane